Friday, April 10, 2009

Whitehall Park

I'm always on the lookout for a decent playground for the kiddos. My kids aren't picky when it comes to these things, but if it happens to have a couple of those purple dinosaurs, they are especially pleased. So here is the first of hopefully many playground posts that help you find these little gems located around your neighborhoods.

Whitehall Park is located right behind The Albany School of Humanities (ASH) on Whitehall Ave. At first I thought it was part of the school playground, but further investigation proved that it was inded open to the public. (Note: During recess/lunch time, the school kids do use the equipment). They have a good variety of equipment, swings, slides, rock climbing things, tire swings, a couple of picnic tables, and lots of trees. The afternoon I was there, there were lots of kids of all ages and a mommy group meeting at the picnic tables. Overall, your kids will be very happy there... and if you don't mind a little graffiti on your jungle gym, then so will you.

Purple Dinosaur Rating: * * * (although, one of them is an airplane, and one of the dinos is green)


  1. Note that school kids are only out for about 15 minutes max, except for the very youngest. It's pretty sad to see the kids run out to the playground at recess, only to have to go back in 7 minutes later. THis playground IS very nice, but bring your rain boots or thigh high mudboots if it's been raining for more than a day-- the place will be a total swamp.

  2. that's true about the swamp land bit... i forgot to mention that, but when i went there on friday there were some squishy patches of land.


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