Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Teddy Bear E.R.

It seems that during these tough economic times the question on everybody's mind is 'Where can I take my child's teddy bear to get a check up.' Well, taking this concern to heart, I found a place where you can bring your stuffed grizzly (kodiak, panda, polar... they don't discriminate) to get the once over by real live medical students. Albany Medical Center proudly presents:

Teddy Bear Hospital Day
Sunday May 17 from 1-4pm
Choices Cafe - (Hospital Cafeteria)
Albany Medical Center 47 N. Scotland Ave
Free Parking and Admission

-Face painting, raffles, giveaways.
-Explore an ambulance, fire truck and medical helicopter (not sure how they are going to squeeze those in cafeteria)
-Ask questions about going to the doctor
-Hands on displays
-Find out why teddy has seemed so feverish lately

Just for kicks, check this out (Disclaimer - some of these pictures are graphic and not for the faint of heart)

Fun fact: Did you know that bjorn (as in Baby Bjorn) means 'bear' in Scandanavia. Bring that up at your next cocktail party...everyone will be calling you an intellectual in no time.

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