Friday, April 10, 2009

The Albany Aquarium

Albany has an aquarium? Ok, not quite, but we do have a pretty flipping cool fish store. Davey Jones Locker, located on Delaware Avenue, has all your fishy needs and is a really cool place to stop by and show the kids. According to their website:
Our 2000 square foot store has everything for both the beginning and advanced hobbyist. We provide top-quality aquarium supplies, kits, filtration systems, frozen and live foods along with an incredible selection of tropical freshwater, saltwater fish and invertebrates.

Since everyone (except me) in my family is allergic to basically any animal that breathes air, fish are our pet of choice. We have bought a few fish from big box pet stores, but the ones from DJL last a lot longer and they seem healthier and happier (I'm not an expert at reading their reactions, but let's just say that the ones I have bought from there have lasted on average 1 1/2 - 2 years with spotty maintenance at best.... yes, I'll admit it)

The owner and staff are really knowledgeable and there are plans to put an art gallery in the back to make it part of the 1st Friday circuit. If I haven't sold you on it yet, think about the local business you will be supporting and that should make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It's also right down the street from Emack and Bolio's, so after you gorge on ice cream you could take a stroll over there.

You can find it here: Davey Jones Locker


  1. THereis also a resident tortoise meandering about the shop, very cool. My daughter calls her/him "Turtleby". They are closed Mon and Ithik TUes, too. A great neighborhood outing. I had not heard about their First Friday plans--that's great to hear! I am so glad we just happened to move to this neighborhood.

  2. We didn't see Turtleby :-( but we did see a big friendly dog. It's a zoo in there!


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