Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Playground With No Grass

Hidden beneath the looming shadow of the Agency buildings on Empire State Plaza is a little gem of a playground we have come to call (thanks to our friend Julia-Bear) the 'playground with no grass'. I honestly never noticed this place until we were tipped off to its secret locale. Rockefeller included the playground in his original plans for his marble and steel baby, but for some reason it seems so unlikely that I never thought to look for it. However, once you know it's there you'll realize that it's a perfect place to duck away to when you are hanging out at the plaza doing whatever it is that brought you there. (4th of July, GE Kid's Day, catching a show at the Egg, visiting the museum etc.).

Instead of grass they have used that rubbery material, so your kids will never get hurt (maybe not never, but they are more likely to 'bounce' back...badum-cha!) There is plenty of shade, enough greenery, a separate play area for little ones, a wide variety climbing and slideing equipment, and there are usually lots of other kids to play with due to the the nearby daycare center (which might be a blessing or a curse depending on how congested you like your playgrounds). Here's the best map I could find of the area. The playground is right behind Agency Bldg. 1.

Purple Dinosaur Rating: None (but never fear... they do have a little riding motorcyle and car that seemed to keep their mind off of this)

Thanks to Laura D. for the tip!


  1. Love this playground. Funny thing is, my dad used to take me there when we were kids. I'll have to take my niece and nephew, too. thanks for the reminder!

  2. Thanks for your comment. I really thought that the park was an add-on after the fact, but was surprised to find out that it was in the plans from the beginning.

  3. I like the picture of the little boy.


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