Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pick Up Sticks

When I first bought these chopsticks for my kids it was more because I liked the idea of them eating ramen like the pros, not so much believing they would actually be able to do so (plus, I'm a sucker for cool design). Oh ye, of little faith! These babies worked like a charm. As soon as they were out of the package the kids were eating dinner with them. And trust me, there is nothing sweeter than chubby kid hands using chopsticks. (see picture)

Basically they are chopstick training wheels that even the most uncoordinated adult could use. I also found that the kids are apt to be more adventurous in the eating department when they are using these. I bought mine for around $6/each at Borders (in the stationery dept.) You can find them here: Chopstick Kids

Chubby kid hands demonstrating chopstick use.

They come in two varieties... the red boy and the pink girl. They are both smiling too, and therefore very encouraging.


  1. haha - now i read, yes, you bought them. you're kids must be so cultured ;-).


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