Thursday, July 28, 2011

Paint Mine Trail - Thacher Park

Thacher Park, how do I love thee?

The list keeps growing, especially after today's adventure on the Paint Mine trail (Only a few sites past the lookout spot on the left).

This is a great hike for kids, especially those who love walking in water since the highlight of this hike is the stream. Because we haven't had much rain lately, the stream is shallow and you can easily climb up the waterfalls.

I'm not good at estimating distances, but I'd say we did anywhere between twenty paces to half a mile.  The kids were all in their element (including the baby) and that meant very little whining.  There were frogs all over the place and plenty of opportunities to splash around.

The trail has been quiet everytime I have visited during the week.  Sometime there is no one up there at all, which could freak you out while knowing that cell phone access is a little spotty up there.

Bathrooms are close...but, behind a tree is closer.

There is no charge for the trail during the week, but it is $6 on the weekends. Bring a picnic lunch, bathing suit, water shoes, and bug spray.

Also, check out these events happening this weekend.

Campfire Storytelling, Saturday, July 30th at 6:30. Registration required.

Stargazing, Saturday, July 30th at 9:00 PM.

Check out their calendar for more events.

PS.  On the way back, why not stop for lunch at Toll Gate Ice Cream?  I do declare I found the best and greasiest veggie burger in all the land.

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  1. Thanks for the break down. I'll have to make it over there sometime.


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