Friday, July 22, 2011

Mystery Solved

I recently discovered what the "More' part refers to in the Huck Finn's Warehouse and More tagline.

No, it does not mean 'more stuff to fill your closets with and land yourself on an episode of Hoarders', nor does it mean 'more time getting lost in a frankly pretty creepy part of Albany'. The MORE lies in the little known fact that it is the perfect place to take your kids for a unexpectedly fun outing.  Bear with me.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons you could spend the afternoon at Huck Finn's.*

1. The rides. Huck Finn's has the best penny-arcade type rides you will find this side of the Chuck E. Cheese in Latham...and they are cheap, just like when we were kids. Twently-five cents each gets you a ride on a carousel, a Yabba-Dabba-Doo car, a choo-choo, and an obscenely long ride on a Conestoga wagon. Inside they have a bucking bronco, the kind you used to see outside of supermarkets.  I'm telling you, with all of these rides it's like the poor man's Hoffman's.

Bucking Bronco, only 25 cents.

 2. The bunk beds.  I don't think you are supposed to climb on them, but if you smile real purty at the salespeople, they don't say anything.

3. The old school bus (Or old-school bus.This is one of the rare cases that it actually works both ways). One of the benefits of having your store in a warehouse is that you can fit a bus inside of it. I'm not sure why it's there, but my kids have spent at least a half an hour on it pretending that they are taking each other to school while Mommy stands idly by fiddling on her iPhone.

4. Hide and seek in the carpets. Huck Finn's has a delightful selection of carpets.  Some are in stacks and some...the really huge ones... are on racks perfect for hiding in. The first time my son 'hid' in them I was 'seeking' a little more frantically, but as long as the kids tell you that they are going to disappear, it's fun and security needs not get involved.

5. Food. There's a Subway on the premises...lunch is sorted.

The free AC this time of year is also a nice touch.

Seriously, my kids beg me to take them here. Why shoot, I reckon it's more fun than a rafting trip down the mighty Mississip. (I had to work it in somehow). 

Just remember to bring quarters.

*Disclaimer. Huck Finn's did not compensate author for writing this glowing review, but she would not say no to a new dining room set.


  1. I am cracking up that you took the kids to a furniture warehouse for entertainment purposes. You are my hero.


  2. Awesome post - I want to go now!

  3. Welcome back! It's great to see you again. I hate for my first comment to be something slightly critical, but you just happened to touch on a tender and sensitive subject for me.


    Oh my. I know they position themselves as freshly made healthful food. And probably they are still better than the burger sellers. But I do encourage you to check out some surprising tidbits I shook out from public sources without even doing too much digging.

    Hopefully this changes your mind on the sandwich seller. And if it doesn't, I'd love to hear why. Because for some irrational reason, this chain really gets under my skin.


  4. Oh Daniel B., I would be offended if you weren't slightly critical.

    Great post on Subway. I am an herbivore, so am not so surprised about the gross, meaty facts...not really surprised by any of it. If we go at all, I either get a veggie patty (i'm sure it is probably chock full of chemicals, but better in my mind than the mechanically separated turkey") or a cheese ('provolone') with all the veggies and extra pickles." The kids will eat this to get some Sun Chips which is the trade off.

    Overall, I agree. I don't make a habit out of eating here or most fast food places (not many cater to vegetarians anyway), but if they are grumpy and I am hot, a slice of hfcs bread will often times win out.

    Thanks for reading and commenting. Always like hearing from you.

  5. Pie Girl... the world is our playground! Come to Albany and I'll show you what fun you can have at the water treatment plant.


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