Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Product Diversification

Today I was on the search for a toy and switch blade. (Ok, neither of those, but bear with me). Where could I go? I know, I know, Wal-Mart...easy peasy,,, but I was already at the mall and didn't want to deal with another big parking lot.  So, imagine my delight upon wandering in here:
Not only do they have a wide selection of pretty cool toys, but also two shiny glass cases (at a kid's eye level, no less) filled with the most colorful, attractive hunting knives this side of...um...um.. wherever hunters go to buy that kind of stuff. (Sue me, I'm a vegetarian).
I guess the name of the store hints at the fact that this  could be Albany's foremost pirate outfitters. I mean, where else can you buy your kid a pirate costume AND a real knife? (Ok, Wal-Mart again, I know, but that just seems greedy).
"No, son, you can't have a Melissa and Doug floor puzzle AND a machete. Pick one or the other."

Treasure Ayeland can be found on the 2nd floor of Colonie Center for all of your fingerpainting and deer-gutting needs.


  1. You were shopping for a switchblade?

  2. No, not really shopping for switchblades, but man...if I was, what a find!

  3. I never would have imagined I could get a knife at that store. Now I might need to check it out. Did you happen to notice if they have any Hello Kitty knives for my little girl?


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