Thursday, March 11, 2010


Today the kids and I were listening to one of our favorite kid-friendly, parentally tolerable kids albums, They Might Be Giants - Here Come the 123's and something piqued my interest enough for me to engage in some Google-based research.

The fifth track of the album, entitled 'Triops Has Three Eyes', regales us with a diddy of what I  previously had thought was a mythical creature (or at least long expired). Hereunto, the only three-eyed creatures I have been aware of are are that alien from Toy Story and Blinky, the toxic fish from The Simpsons.  However, my extensive research (typing 'triops' into the search box) has shown that not only are these babies real, but you can also breed them at home.

Check this out:  Triops Deluxe Kit.


And if you have not yet familiarized yourself with all the useless junk in the Think Geek catalog, may I suggest that you do so.

Move over Sea Monkeys, there's a new (well, technically not new) creepy aquarium creature in town.


  1. Ha - I had exactly the same reaction when I looked them up after we'd been singing the song for weeks. It seems like it must be TMBG week in the local blogosphere!

  2. well, are you getting some of those fish for L's aquarium?


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