Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Balloon on a Spoon

For my son's 3rd birthday (last January) we bought him a bunch of mylar balloons from the Dollar Store.  The store had run out of all the birthday ones we were choosing, so we ended up getting him a motley collection of Valentine's balloons. Since V-day was still a month away at that point, they had those in spades.

Anyway, fast forward two months and some of these balloons are still hanging around. (Talk about stretching your dollar). I tied a spoon to one of my son's favorites so it would prevent me from having to jump up and get it everytime it hit the ceiling.  Ingenious, some might say, however, this thing is starting to freak me out.  With the spoon attached it is about the exact height of a small person. It floats around the house doing its own thing and it has those weird eyes and goofy grin...and I I'm never expecting it to be there, so I keep scaring the bejeezus out of myself whenever I bump into it.

I'll get up to go to the bathroom at night and jump because I think there is someone in the hall. I'll start talking to it because out of the corner of my eye I'll think its one of my kids. This morning I actually shut my bedroom door because I felt like someone was watching me, and when I looked up, there he was staring me down.

Tomorrow, I think I am going to introduce our little friend to a pair of safety scissors . This has gone on for far too long and this little love monkey has overstayed his welcome.


  1. Time to cut the cord.

  2. Uh, creeeeepppyyyyyy!

    I'd probably have inadvertantly stabbed or smashed it during one of the times it scared me. (Okay, or the more likely scenario, tripped and fell over it, popping it)

  3. this happened to me last year with an american flag balloon my kid chose from the same store--it made me jump many a time--and it didn't even have eyes--can't imagine how freaky it must be at night--time to send that thing to the landfill!


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