Friday, March 19, 2010

Maple Sugar Tour - Five Rivers

The sun is shining... birds are singing.... perfect day for a field trip!

My friend got bunch of pre-K friends and parents together for the Maple Syrup Tour at Fiver Rivers Environmental Educational Center. The tour was about a half an hour long and winds through one of their short trails through the woods.  Led by a cheerful guide, the children were encouraged to take in the natural wonders around them, (namely trees), and experience first hand where maple syrup comes from and how it is made.

The kids got to drill into a tree, taste the freshly tapped sap, and then got to taste the real deal after it had been boiled down in the 'sugar shack'. (Move over Mrs. Butterworth).

The rest of the morning was spent running around, playing with sticks and rocks, and lunching in the sun.  A perfect start to the spring.

To experience your own Maple Syrup adventure you can head over to Five Rivers.  Here is a description from their website.  You can also check out their calendar for other upcoming family friendly events.

Maple Sugar Open Houses Saturdays and Sundays, March 20, 21, 27, 28, April 3
1:30 PM to 3:30 PM
At our Maple Sugar Open Houses, watch sap drip from the tapped trees, and smell the syrup boiling in the evaporator. You'll learn to twirl a drill and pound a spile, and you'll use your taste buds to sample maple syrup. The Maple Sugar Open Houses are open to the public. Scout and other youth groups are welcome; call the Center to register a group.

Next generation of tree huggers.

Thanks, Laura!! We had fun!

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  1. Is this adult-friendly as well? I love syrup... and nice weather, leading me to believe it would be a good fit...but not if I'm the only adult in the tour.


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