Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thomas on the Big Screen

If you haven't caught this already, you still have one more chance!
THOMAS & FRIENDS: Hero of the Rails Movie

10 AM at Movieland in Schenectady
$5 for all seats. (What a steal!)
Saturday, March 27th

If your kids are into the crazy hijinks of this train and his friend-gines, then check out this description:

The British children's series Thomas & Friends follows the animated adventures of a helpful locomotive named Thomas the Tank Engine as he and his train buddies work the rail lines and teach kids about the spirit of teamwork. This cartoon movie breaks new ground in the series by providing voices for each individual character (previously, the tales were narrated by a single storyteller) and introducing three new friends: a train named Hiro, a steam engine named Victor, and a crane named Kevin.

The trains talk?!!  New characters?!!  This is groundbreaking stuff, guys.

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