Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Paleolithic Par-tay!

The Children's Museum of Science and Technology (affectionately known as CMOST) is a mini museum tucked back in an unlikely corner of the Rensselaer Tech. Park. If you haven't been there with your little ones, it's a great place to take them on a rainy day (see some animals, visit the planetarium, make funny faces in those mirrors that make you look like an oompa loompa etc.) I've been there a couple of times with my kids, and they have had a great time. Also, if you time it just right you can have the museum to yourself after all the school groups leave.

It is also a place that does birthday parties. With birthdays on the brain (I will have a 4 year old in a few days), I've been looking out for places to celebrate. And while I have decided to go the more traditional (and thereby more work intensive) route of having it at our house, I saw this and it looked like fun. This is from the CMOST e-notice:
DINOSAURS! Be a paleontologist for your birthday and learn about the massive size of dinosaurs, meet their reptilian cousins from Operation W.I.L.D. and use simple tools to unearth "fossils" that you and your party guests can then take home!

Book to have your Dinosaurs Birthday Party at CMOST between now and June 18th and receive a: A Family Four-Pack to Walking With Dinosaurs on Thursday, June 18th, at the Times Union Center!

Limited package availability so call at 518-235-2120 book your party today! Party must be paid in full prior to receiving “Walking with Dinosaur” package.

Does anyone remember this guy from Pee-Wee's Big Adventure?
He's alive and well outside of Palm Springs, CA.

If you haven't heard about this Walking With Dinosaurs thing, it's definitely worth checking out, although I don't know how appropriate it is for pre-schoolers. According to their website it's for kids from 3-93. However, be warned. Apparently these aren't your Flintstones dinosaurs from days of yore...these are some fully realized raptors, so kids who are used to lighter fare, say Elmo and Caillou, might not appreciate it as fully as the older ones.

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  1. cool! I never saw this in Albany - can't wait to take the kids :)


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