Monday, May 25, 2009

My Nerd Crush on They Might Be Giants

Here's another musical suggestion for all you parents out there on the lookout for some cool tunes for the family. They Might Be Giants have a bunch of albums specifically for kids, all of them educational, quirky, and oh so nerd chic. I love these's like Revenge of the Nerds: The Musical.

When you write a song about The Egg, you've gotta be good. No corners for you.

Here's an AOA interview about the song and their family concert at the Egg last year.

These guys have a gajillion albums, but here are the ones specifically for kids:

Here Come the ABC's - Alphabet themed CD/DVD. Catchy songs. When my daughter told me that 'C is for Conifers' I was won over.

Here Come the 123's - The won a Grammy for this one. Cool songs and videos making math cool again.

No! Yes! This album has songs about robot parades and talking brooms. Need I say more?

Bed, Bed, Bed A book and CD featuring the whimsical artwork of Marcel Dzama (he did the artwork for Beck's Guero, among others). Great songs for bedtime, what else?

... and word on the street says they are coming out with a 'Here Comes Science' album sometime in the not so distant future.

Check them out from the library, buy them, download them, whatever... just listen.

TMBG is sponsoring 10 Little League Teams. So if you know a team that could use some cool uniforms (No! T-shirts) you can find out more info here.

We went to see their family show last year and had so much fun. They even threw in some old stuff for the parents as well. (Istanbul (Not Constantinople), Birdhouse in Your Soul, etc...) They aim to please. Here are some upcoming shows. Unfortunately they are not coming around here any time soon, but if you are in the following areas, I really suggest you check them out.

June 2009

12 - Portland ME - Port City Music Hall (21+)

13 - Boston MA - Family Show - Berklee College of Music

13 - Boston MA - Flood Show! Berklee College of Music

14 - New Haven CT - FREE SHOW! International Festival of Arts and Ideas


  1. We just recently got the "Here Come the ABCs" and "Here Come the 123s" dvd/cd combos. Great stuff for the young and young at heart. Me & Stan both love the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse's "Hot Dog" and are so glad they included it on "Here Come the 123s"!

  2. Don't forget about the free iTunes video podcast, "They Might Be Giants Friday Night Family Podcast."

    It has ceased updating with new and original videos, but the original ones are still available.

    Great to meet you tonight. See you around.

  3. Thanks, Profussor. I forgot about those podcasts.

    Great to meet you too! See you on the interweb.

  4. love love love Bed, Bed, Bed. it's one of my nephew's faves. I found it for him at a used bookstore for 1.50. Would give that away?!


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