Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kill the Ice Cream Man

Seriously, what kind of ice cream man drives around at 9pm, blaring his tinny music and re-awakening my children with the promise of a treat they will most certainly not receive at this hour?

Aargh. This guy obviously does not have children.


  1. That dude's got nerve. Ice cream men should go the way of the dinosaurs.

  2. you're mean... buy your kids some ice cream, would ya?

  3. haha - I've got the same thing going on in my neighborhood. Every night just after 8:30, in comes Senor Ice Cream Man. I don't really get it either, since most of the 'kids' in my area are toddlers (and also asleep).

  4. Couldn't agree more and on top of it s/he hangs outside the house for what seems like 30min. I find myself pulling out my hair...hence the receding hair line in all my pics :(

  5. Gabe calls the Icecream truck the "music truck". And he still gets all excited about it.

  6. I used to tell my kids it was the "music man" bringing music to our neighborhood. Now that they are 16, 14, and 10, we let them get the goods on Sundays.

  7. It's the siren song of the ice cream truck. After college, I watched my house mate run out the door in his bare feet to try and catch the truck as it went by.

    Apparently he REALLY wanted a sno-cone.

    You should have seen the dejected look on his face when he came back panting and empty handed. Ice cream trucks are cruel. And the people who drive them can be mean.

    Another friend of mine drove an ice cream truck after college. Apparently a competing truck drive came after him with a baseball bat for crossing into his turf.

    Still, on a hot day, I do enjoy a sno-cone. But now I share it with the little one.


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