Monday, October 5, 2009

Omi Fields Scultpture Park

Beached iceberg

Last week the kids and I headed on a little road trip down to Ghent to visit the Omi International Art Center Fields Sculpture Park. It was a beautiful fall drive and a great place to take the little ones. Imagine 100 acres of farmland dotted with contemporary sculptures...out in the open, hidden in the woods, and part of the landscape. We were the only people there that day, so that added to some of the surrealism of the place. The website says you should plan for at least an hour to walk around and view the sculptures, but we spent three hours there without even thinking about it. We wandered from fields to the forest discovering some really whimsical scenes... overall a beautiful day.

From their website:
The Fields was founded in 1998 as public grounds for viewing contemporary sculpture with over 80 works of art on view. Several new pieces are added every year and temporary curated exhibitions are opened to the public each June. There are six distinct areas for viewing sculpture comprised of rolling fields, wooded knolls, and wetlands. A path for viewing the sculptures follows the edge of a natural pond surrounded by trees, providing a shaded backdrop to view the pieces.

Visitor Center Hours:

Thursday through Sunday 11am to 5pm

Sculpture Park hours:
Sunrise to sunset every day

Picnic Area and Bicycles:
You may choose to view the park on one of our bicycles or on foot. Picnic tables and seating areas are located throughout the park for your enjoyment.

The Fields Sculpture Park
at Omi International Arts Center
1405 County Rt.22
Ghent, New York 12075


  1. how far away is ghent from albany?

  2. I was jsut going to ask that. looks awesome! if it;s not to far we are adding this to our quickly growing fall road trip list. I love how the kids match the some of the sculptures (the red and white) did you plan that?
    do you know if it's near the chatham sheep farm?

  3. It's about a 45 minute drive, give or take depending on traffic. It looks like the sheep farm (Old Chatham Sheepherding Company) is about 20 minutes south of that.

    The color coordination was just by chance.

  4. Yeah it's about 45 minutes to an hour away. *Do* bring a map or a better yet, a GPS, it's not that easy to find the last time I went.

  5. Cool! This must explain the big head you see when you are driving on the Taconic Parkway! It's public grounds? I have to go!

  6. Actually, Loretta, I think it's a different place. Check this out...

    I haven't seen it before but looks worth a visit. So many sculpture gardens... so little time.


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