Thursday, October 1, 2009

Buckingham Pond

I haven't done a playground review in a while and as I was looking back at pictures from the summer, I realized that there were a bunch of places I visited that I love and needed to share before it gets too much colder and less inviting.

Buckingham Pond (officially Buckingham Lake) is one of my favorite playgrounds in Albany. It's one of those quiet, breezy places that makes every day perfectly seasonable. Everytime we visit we end up spending way more time there than anticipated... not because of the playground, which it does have, but because there is a great walking path around the pond (.72 miles around, perfect for little legs), plenty of pebbles to throw, and lots of wildlife to spot. It's just a really nice quiet spot in Albany. I'm also a big fan of playgrounds where all the equipment is pretty close together so you don't have kids running miles away from you to get to the swingset. Another cool little feature is that people often ice-skate on the pond in the winter.

Pea Soup... or as Runny Babbit likes to say 'Sea Poop'

Here's a map.

*Purple Dinosaur Rating - 0 you can see, there are three perfectly lovely green dinos (purple's less carnivorous cousin) and these babies do just fine.


  1. I think I like the green dinos better. Less reminiscent of Barney.

  2. I love Buckingham Pond! It's one of my favorite places to go with my girls.


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