Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ain't no party like a Play-Doh party...cuz a Play-Doh party don't stop

...unless you forget to put the lid back on it, and it dries up... that's pretty much game over.

Anyway, Get your Fun Factory sculpting on at the Albany Public library. Join in on the Play-Doh party!

From their website:
Event: Play-Doh Party at Main
Location: Main Library
Begins: 2:00 pm (Sunday, October 18, 2009)
Ends: 3:00 pm (Sunday, October 18, 2009)
Description: Toddlers, preschoolers, elementary children and their adults are encouraged to play sculptor in the Children's Room using provided Play-doh, Fun Factories and various household kitchen tools. Who doesn't like Play-doh?

It could be as fun as this:

*Ding! From Kenner.


  1. i'm nostaglic for the commericals of yesteryear : (

  2. I know... everything seemed so much more fun back then.

  3. Hi. I just created an LJ "syndicated account" of your RSS feed. Only those with paid LJ accts can do this, but anyone can subscribe. So anyone who, like me, uses LJ as a feed aggregator (don't ask me why, I just started out that way) might also want to subscribe. It's Small_bany - just search for it and add.


  4. That video made ME want to have a Play Doh party for my birthday...and I'm going to be 36! Hey my snake is getting your spaghetti!
    Great BLOG BTW! - Heitha


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