Friday, September 30, 2011

We got MOONED!

 Ok...just Half-Mooned, as in Henry Hudson's ship, but it got you looking, didn't it?  (I'm not above it, people.)

Last weekend we headed down to our old stomping grounds, the Corning Preserve, and stumbled upon ye Olde Half Moon, or for my Dutch readers, d'Halve Maen, docked in the Hudson.

For those of you who never took a school field trip here, the Half Moon is a full scale replica of the ship Henry Hudson sailed to survey these here parts to find a good place to put  The Egg. He was also hoping to find a Trader Joe's but was, as we all are, sorely disappointed.

The tour is not very long, because, well, the boat is not that big. However,  it did offer a glimpse into what a landlubber I am.

Cramped quarters, smelly food, limited toilet options...the Love Boat, it ain't.

I tried listening very diligently to the history lessons given by an adorable, creaky voiced student, but my mind kept wandering to pirates.  It's very pirate-y.*

The tour is seven dubloons for adults and sprogs are free.

The ship sets sail on October 14th so you still have some time to walk the plank. You can find out more information, and real history here and here.

Also, check out Albany Kid's visit.  I'm glad someone was paying attention.

*This tour had nothing to do with pirates.


  1. Funny, funny. And always a nod at Trader Joe's.

  2. LOVE it! While we were (supposedly) paying attention, you were were clearly having way too much fun.


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