Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tiny Bubbles

Fan Yang and his daughter, Melody
What's better than a million bubbles?  A gazillion, of course.
Yesterday the kids and I stumbled on the free preview of the Gazillion Bubble show at Proctor's.  Fan Yang,"world-renowned bubble scientist, artist, and performer" gave the audience a little taste of what his shows on October 8th will be all about.
And if what we saw is any indication, this is one show that is not going to blow. (blow...bubbles?  get it?) 

According to Proctor's CEO Phillip Morris (I kid you not), it was a 'fun lesson in the science of thin-film technology'.

Ummm... not exactly what the kids got out of it, but what they did get was the sheer awesomess of a smoke spewing volcano bubble and a couple of kids getting encased in a huge bubble.  It was a lot of fun to watch. (His style kind of reminded me of Gob's magic shows, for all you Arrested Development fans out there).

Among his many other accomplishments in the field of 'thin-film technology", he is a sixteen time Guinness Book of World Record holder (he put an elephant in a bubble for goodness sake) and the creator of a line of bubbles and bubble toys.

You can catch one of his two shows on October 8th at Proctor's Theatre in Schenectady.

 Just a little aside, as we were leaving the theater they had several bubble machines going adding to the whimsy of the event.  Sure, that makes sense. But what didn't quite make sense was the mob of young, stylish women, clad in black offering free hugs to everyone passing by.  It turns out they were from the Paul Mitchell school across the street.  I ran into my blogging brethren from All Over Albany who did a great job covering the surreality of State St. yesterday afternoon.  Read about it here.

For the record, AOA's Greg did not accept any hugs so as not to influence his reportage.  Now that's what I call journalistic integrity, folks.  

My son, however, was all over it.


  1. What a little loverboy.

  2. When you say it was like Gob... did he actually perform to "Final Countdown"?


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