Friday, February 12, 2010

Why Quiet Time Should Not Be Unsupervised

Yes, my friends, that is glitter CONFETTI all over. And this is only one room (albeit the hardest hit) of many.

I should have know things were strange when it was very quiet....too quiet... and then all of a sudden I hear my son yell "Happy Birthday to Everyone!!!"

I think the next time we'll try the Balloon Room instead.

My poor vacuum is crying in the corner.


  1. gotta love that boy! j would love to get at that glitter with a gallon of glue.

  2. At least you had the presence of mind to take a picture and save it for posterity.

    Thanks for sharing. It's a truly stunning mess.

  3. Ha! I LOVE IT! That's so funny, Dawn. Of course, I'd not be so happy if *I* had to clean it up, but it always so funny when it's at someone else's house. :-)

  4. wow that is way worse than the couch covered in cookie sprinkles that i dealt with the other day!

  5. The truly horrible part about this mess is that is was a mess on top of a mess. You can't see all of the mayhem in the picture, but all their dress up clothes were strewn all about and the glitter got into every nook and cranny. I'm still finding them in places I wouldn't expect.

    Leah, cookie sprinkles..hmmm... maybe that would have gotten them to help with a clean up a bit more... at least they could have eaten some of the mess.

  6. Oh man. That is awesome, and terrible.


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