Sunday, February 7, 2010


I've have come to a cruel, cruel, crossroad in life. A crossroad that leads either to eternal youth or the impending reality of settling .

The signs were there all along. I knew it was coming...

I have to get a minivan.

Why is the the thought of this so offensive? I've test driven them, been amazed at their storage capacity, the myriad seat configurations, the sheer number of cupholders that is enough to send one into a beverage induced reverie... but somehow I truly feel that this is the point of no return. A point at which I will have traded in my youth for something more... more... sensible. There, I said it.

Is this the point in life that I am supposed to read How Stella Got Her Groove Back and actually 'get it'? Surely, not yet.

We are still in the process of looking. I think we've narrowed it down to the Odyssey, which could be viewed know, as I commence the next chapter in the epic parental voyage that my life has become. But, mostly we chose it because Consumer Reports gave it a big ole high five. (Sensible, right?) So much for symbolism.

But, it is a fact. In the next month or so, I will be viewing the streets of Albany through the elevated carriage of my very own mom-mobile. You'll know me by the disco ball hanging from the rearview and a bumper sticker that says "This is how I roll". I figure that if I take the 'mini-van as ironic statement on suburban culture' viewpoint I'll feel better about this decision. And by the time I realize that there is no irony, I'll be too busy enjoying the fact that I can now take road trips to IKEA and fill my ample van with big ticket items (instead of the surplus tea lights and picture frames I inevitably end up with).

Maybe, just maybe, this won't be so bad after all.


  1. heh heh you sound like my sister-in-law.

    Me personally, I would want to get the Illiad

  2. Go for it! After one day your doubts will VAN-ish!!!

  3. more like my integrity will be VAN-quished.

  4. Oh my... I think we had a dodge caravan like the one in the picture when I was growing up. Vans have come a long way baby. You'll love it.

  5. Dawn,you are a awesome writer. FYI.

  6. Thanks, Cook. I'm blushing. And you're an awesome Cook...FYI :-)

  7. Have you considered the Mazda5? I love it. Works like a minivan but drivfes like a car.

  8. Actually, we have considered it. My parents got one after their caravan was traded in for clash for clunkers. I really like it but unfortunately we need more room than that. Don't I sound greedy?

  9. I need to stop writing comments on my phone.

    Too bad about the space, because it gets so much better milage than the vans. Better keep your fingers crossed that the price of gas stays relatively flat.

  10. i can't believe you beat me there--and I am so much older than you are. well, congrats for facing the music and doing what you have to do. looking forward to you picking up a new sofa for me next time you are near an ikea (only kidding). Road trips with kids are so much better with a minivan.


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