Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Backyard Campout

With the recent monsoon , the last thing on anyone's mind has been camping. But now, with the the first day of summer under our belts, it's time to dust off the old camping gear and start roughing it.

June 27th is the official date (that's this Saturday people... yes, June is almost over) for the Great American Backyard Campout. Check out this site to help you rediscover the finer things the outdoors has to offer (sans mosquitoes and using poison ivy for T.P.)

Helpful hints include:
  • how to pitch a tent,
  • how to play flashlight tag
  • how to hike,
  • how to identify insects,
  • how to locate a campground if your backyard isn't ideal for this type of thing etc...

My favorite hint is: If you have kids coming, ensure you have enough adults to manage them.

Too true, too true. Our family recently went to Thompson's Lake and there were times I didn't think two adults were enough. In all of my travels I've come to realize that it's always better to have one more adult than child on hand.

I've often heard that your kids will remember these camping trips much more than they will elaborate vacations ...(so glad we recently spent a gajillion dollars on our trip to Disneyworld). So get outside, channel your inner boy/girl scout, and don't forget the s'mores.

(What's your favorite campground in the area?)

Thanks to Laura D. for the tip!


  1. The Hampton Inn! hee hee. the state campground in Lake George is wicked nice.

  2. Ha! My sister would agree with you...She would say that camping is why hotels were invented.
    You reminded me of this image:


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