Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rainbow Cake

Summertime means birthday season in my house, so I'm usually baking up something for someone. For my husband's birthday I wanted something quick and extra-festive... so acting on a tip from Albany Jane, enter Giant Cupcake Funfetti Rainbow cake.

Yes, you read that right.. there are THREE, count 'em, three layers of festivities in this cake.

1. Funfetti cake mix.. (so sue me, I used a box).
2. A cupcake shaped cake pan
3. Rainbow innards

The only thing missing was fireworks... I mean, this thing was out of control... the CarrotTop of birthday cakes, if you will.

Here are some pics of our kid friendly, cake making project:

Step 1: Separate the batter into different bowls and dye them whatever color you want. The kids chose these colors and I used icing dye. Use whatever you want to color coloring works, mashing up elderberries, whatever..(*Disclaimer... if you are looking for something more natural, make another cake. Rainbow cakes, by definition, are going against nature.)

Step 2: Spoon it up into the cake pan. My kids loved this part.

Step 3: Bake it. (sorry, no pictures of my oven)

Step 4: Look longingly at it until the person with the birthday gets home from work, blows out the candles and all that jazz. (* Note: This is the hardest step, I don't care how old you are)

Step 5: Freak out about how freaking festive it is.

Step 6: Slice into it and enjoy.

Here is a picture of it dissected:

Groovy man.

Here is a recipe for Rainbow Cake with purty pictures. Enjoy!


  1. Oh my gosh - you took this to the next level. Rainbows + Gigantic Cupcake + Sprinkles?! Jeezus, you just needed a unicorn planting a flag on top of it!

  2. unicorn? why didn't i think of that before... when's your birthday? ;-)

  3. I guess your cake turned out better than mine!

  4. "If you want something natural, make another cake" Heehee. This is the most delicious-looking crime against nature imaginable.


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